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‘World’s first toilet theme park’ opens in South Korea

‘World’s first toilet theme park’ opens in South Korea | Source: BBC News, Nov 8, 2012

The Korean city of Suwon has opened what it says is “the world’s first toilet theme park“.

The Restroom Cultural Park has a museum displaying Roman style loos, European-style bedpans, and ancient Korean flush toilets, as well as fun facts about human waste and a sculpture garden dedicated to squatting figures.

The BBC’s Seoul correspondent Lucy Williamson visited the park to explore South Korea’s fascination with the art and routine of the water closet.

India – Toilet at home a must for rural education

May 25, 2011 – Maharashtra government has made it compulsory to have a toilet at home for getting admission in junior colleges in the rural areas. The students who don’t have a toilet will be given provisional admissions with the condition of building one within three months of admission.

A circular issued by the higher and technical education department a few weeks ago stated that the toilet block was a must for admission to junior college. The condition was imposed as part of the water supply and sanitation department’s total sanitation campaign. The department aims to ensure that every household has a toilet inside the house. The current percentage of the households with toilet blocks is 65%.

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