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After Hyderabad, drug-resistant typhoid emerges in Karachi

After Hyderabad, drug-resistant typhoid emerges in Karachi. The International News, February 8, 2018.

Following two sub-districts of Hyderabad, drug-resistant typhoid in children has emerged in Karachi where cases of patients not responding to antibiotics commonly used to treat the enteric fever have been reported, leading gastroenterologists and paediatricians have told The News. pakistan


To a query, Dr Memon said sewage-mixed water was the main cause of typhoid among people in Karachi but added that people were becoming resistant to third-generation antibiotics because of overuse of antibiotics, which were being prescribed by doctors and consumed by the patients as if they were food.

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Contaminated water may have killed 3 U.S. Presidents

How the White House might have killed these three presidents in the 1840s | Source: The Raw Story, April 28 2016 |

President William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural address in history, speaking outside in a cold Washington, D.C. snowstorm for an hour and 45 minutes. He died not long after from what people say was pneumonia brought on by the cold he caught while giving the address.


Presidents Harrison, Taylor and Polk (Photo: Wikipedia)

Now some researchers at the National Institute of Health say that Harrison may not have died from pneumonia after all. In fact, Harrison along with Presidents James Polk and Zachary Taylor all may have died unexpectedly from typhoid in the 1840s due to contaminated water in the White House.

Both Harrison and Taylor died in office and Polk died not long after leaving office. According to the research, Harrison’s own doctor disputed the pneumonia diagnosis in his well-documented medical journals Business News Insider outlined in a video.

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WASHplus Weekly on WASH-Related Diseases

This issue contains recent studies and resources on several WASH-related diseases: cholera, dengue, diarrhea, leptospirosis, neglected tropical diseases, malnutrition, and typhoid. Included are a just-published UNICEF cholera toolkit, an updated review of WASH-related diseases from DfID, typhoid case studies from Bangladesh and Fiji, and other resources. weekly2

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested the topic for this issue, and we welcome other suggestions for topics. Future issues will focus on menstrual hygiene management, innovation, water point mapping, mobile applications, and WASH in schools; more than 100 past issues of the Weekly are archived on the WASHplus website.

Typhoid outbreaks in the Philippines and Fiji

Philippines – Typhoid outbreak declared in remote Sarangani village

GENERAL SANTOS CITY – A typhoid outbreak has been declared in four remote sitios (sub-villages) of Barangay (village) Datal Anggas in Alabel town, Doctor Honorato Fabio, Alabel municipal health officer, told reporters that the Department of Health through the Regional Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) in Manila that four out of the five samples sent out for laboratory testing turned out positive for typhoid.

He said that to date, 21 suspected cases of typhoid have been monitored in sitios Salimama, Ihan, Glamang and Sangkoya.

Datal Anggas is the farthest barangay of Alabel and can only be reached via a three-hour uphill travel travel on four-wheel drive vehicle.

Most of the residents, he said, belonged to the B’laan tribe. Fabio said a medical team had been dispatched to contain the spread of the disease in the area.

He said residents were also asked to strictly observe personal hygiene and sanitation in their surroundings. They were also told to boil their drinking water before taking it in, he said. SOURCE


Fiji – Typhoid cases increase – February 26, 2010

Another 50 new cases of typhoid has been recorded in the country ever since the Ministry of Health put out an alert on Tuesday.

This new information has just been released by the National Typhoid Taskforce which just concluded its meeting an hour ago.

Ministry of Health spokesperson Iliesa Tora says the Ministry is now considering procuring typhoid vaccines and are already talking with donors and suppliers.

“Yes we’re looking at bringing in vaccination and we’re talking with our partners, the donor agencies about this but I think the onus is on us the members of the public who need to ensure they have a clean environment and look after themselves well…”

On Tuesday, 33 typhoid cases were recorded in the Central Division, which is the centre of this recent outbreak.

A few other cases from other health facilities around the country was also reported during this week but by today, 92 cases have been confirmed so far. SOURCE