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WaterAid Australia positions – Program Effectiveness Manager & Equity and Inclusion Officer

Program Effectiveness Manager
WaterAid Australia is looking for a motivated and experienced Program Effectiveness Manager to join the leadership group of the International Programs department. This is an exciting, new opportunity in our small and dynamic team for someone who is keen to spend a significant amount of time in our Country Programs to support their program quality. We want to further strengthen our team with someone with proven WASH experience and skills. To apply for the role please submit a cover letter and resume to ipjobs@wateraid.org.au by 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Monday 12 August 2013. wateraidaustralia

Equity and Inclusion Officer
Are you passionate about equity and inclusion in development? WaterAid Australia is looking for an Equity and Inclusion Officer to champion mainstreaming inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) within WaterAid’s work, and influence others to integrate this in their development plans. This role will report to the Program Effectiveness Manager and work closely with members of WaterAid’s International Programs and Policy and Campaigns teams. To apply for the role please submit a cover letter and resume to ipjobs@wateraid.org.au by 5pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on Monday 15 July 2013.

Position descriptions are available on the WaterAid Australia website

WaterAid Australia – Seeking Program Effectiveness Manager

WaterAid Australia have exciting news! We are recruiting for a Program Effectiveness Manager to join the leadership group of the International Programs department in Melbourne.wateraid-logo

We are looking for an experienced and passionate individual to support program staff in Southeast Asia and the Pacific and provide leadership on program quality and learning. The person should have detailed knowledge and experience on current best practice thinking on WASH approaches, technologies and methodologies and be able to adapt them to our programs.

They will spend a significant amount of time in our Country Programs and will work with staff in WaterAid Australia and partners to develop and deepen their understanding on sanitation approaches, hygiene promotion and rural water supply systems. The person will be a key driver to embed our monitoring and evaluation systems and action learning culture.

Tanya Stelmach, Regional Programs Officer
WaterAid Australia
Level 7, 176 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002 Australia
Direct Line: +61(0)3 9001 8241
Fax: +61(0) 3 9001 8260
Email: tanya.stelmach@wateraid.org.au

Create a world where everyone has access to clean water www.wateraid.org/australia

Updates from the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice

The Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice – an initiative of the Australian WASH Reference Group and managed by WaterAid Australia. Below are 2 new announcements. wateraid

1 – Yolande Coombes, WSP is available to answer SanMark questions
The Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice is very excited to have Yolande Coombes as our new resident guest expert. Yolande will be available in January 2013 to answer any SanMark practitioner questions. Questions can be submitted via the Sanitation Marketing website.
Be sure to include a brief description of your project and context. Questions, answers and comments will be posted on the website for peer to peer learning.

Yolande Coombes has more than 20 years experience in public health, behaviour change and evaluation. She gained her PhD in Public Health from the University of London. She has held academic positions at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and College of Medicine in Malawi. As a consultant she has worked on topics on a number of communicable and non-communicable diseases. She has worked for both Population Services International and Marie Stopes International providing technical social marketing, behaviour change, franchising and M&E support. In 2007 she took up a position as a specialist consultant in sanitation marketing and hygiene with WSP and became a staff member in 2010 responsible for leading WSP’s sanitation and hygiene work in Africa, including task managing the AfricaSan 3 conference in 2011.

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SanMark Community of Practice website

The Sanitation Marketing (SanMark) Community of Practice  is a WASH Reference Group initiative supported by the AusAID Innovations Fund and managed by WaterAid Australia.

The WASH Reference Group is an Australian-based Community of Practice comprising 25 organisations working on water, sanitation and hygiene promotion in developing countries, including NGOs, research organisations and the Australian water industry.

The website provides information on SanMark webinars and in-country training events. Visitors to the website can submit a question (Ask an Expert), contribute a case study, story, experience or photographs to the SanMark blog, and apply online for a SanMark practitioner training. There is also section on resources (links and tools) and news.

Website: www.sanitationmarketing.com

WaterAid Australia – Towards Inclusive WASH: Sharing evidence and experience from the field.

Towards Inclusive WASH: Sharing evidence and experience from the field, 2012. WaterAid Australia. 

This new publication is a record of the WASH sector’s efforts to achieve equity and inclusion in programming around the world. The publication includes one keynote paper by Hazel Jones (WEDC) and Louisa Gosling (WaterAid UK) and 16 case studies from a wide range of organisations in 13 countries and with examples from urban, rural and school WASH programming. The case studies provide stories of policy, technology and process innovations through four lenses: Poorest of the poor, Living with HIV and AIDS, Disability and Gender.

We hope that this publication can provide some inspiration for development practitioners around the world who want to build equity and inclusion into their WASH programming and also for those who aspire to incorporate water, sanitation and hygiene outcomes into their programming in the HIV, disability or other sectors.

Join the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice

Welcome to the Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice!

Are you a WASH practitioner currently working on Sanitation Marketing activities? Do you find yourself struggling to find others you can talk to about the practical issues you face – like how to work with a marketing agency, support a small business or design a new low-cost product? Are you thinking about starting a sanitation marketing program, but don’t know where to start?

Why a Sanitation Marketing Community of Practice?

As you know 2.5 billion people still lack access to basic sanitation and this has devastating impacts on the lives and health of people and communities.  At this rate the sanitation target of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) may not be met until 2026, making it one of the most off-track targets in many countries of the world. To address this sanitation crisis, it is now clear that programs focused on latrine construction will not be enough. New approaches like Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) have proven that communities can be motivated to change their sanitation situation – but that the first step is triggering behaviour change.

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Inclusive WASH free learning portal

WaterAid in Australia, in collaboration with the WASH Reference Group, is  hosting five online learning sessions and a learning workshop on inclusive WASH. The first session started on 30 October 2011 and the programme will end with the learning workshop in May 2012 in Melbourne, Australia.

A recording of the first introductory webinar is now online. The second learning session on gender runs until 18 November 2011. Following sessions will be on the disabled, HIV/AIDS and chronic illness, and the poorest of the poor.

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Lessons learnt from sanitation and hygiene practitioners’ workshops: 2007-2011

What works in hygiene and sanitation programming and what does not? Why, with so many good experiences and advances, are basic needs and challenges not met? What are our future priorities?

These questions were addressed in eight regional practitioners’ workshops, held in four continents, where approximately 250 professionals shared their experience and research findings on sanitation and hygiene promotion between the period of 2007 and 2011. With over 100 papers delivered and deliberated upon, discussion in the workshops provided remarkable insight into hygiene and sanitation in WASH programming worldwide.

Of the eight regional workshops, seven were organised by the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre with its partners. WaterAid Australia organised a hygiene practitioners’ workshop in Melbourne, which was attended by IRC. This report highlights the commonalities and innovative thinking arising from the deliberations in all eight workshops. It underscores the urgent need to prioritise sanitation and hygiene in WASH programmes and details key intervention strategies that are helpful in improving governance and enhancing, for example, urban/rural programming, financing, and monitoring.

Download the full report (11 p., IRC, 2011)

See an overview of the eight regional workshops and a report (Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion for the Urban Poor) of the most recent workshop held in Kigali, Rwanda, in March 2011.

See also Promoting good hygiene practices, a 2011 compilation of 31 case studies on hygiene promotion presented at the regional workshops.

Sharing experiences: effective hygiene promotion in South-East Asia and the Pacific

This new book aims to boost hygiene promotion efforts. It contains 11 case studies from different countries and two keynote papers from international experts, all written to help people to design programs for the effective promotion of good hygiene practices.

Each of the case studies examines hygiene promotion from its own perspective, ranging from large national campaigns to remote island communities. The majority of case studies describe experiences in the Pacific and South-East Asia, while a few highlight different approaches and issues from other regions.

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Proper sanitation key to global health: WaterAid Australia CEO interviewed on Radio Australia

Adam Laidlaw

Adam Laidlaw. Photo: WaterAid

“The Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health will not succeed, in my view, without safe sanitation embedded in its implementation”, says WaterAid Australia CEO Adam Laidlaw in an interview on Radio Australia. The Global Strategy, Laidlaw was referring to, was launched on 22 September 2010 by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the UN global summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). “What we didn’t hear from this summit”, says Laidlaw, “was that sanitation underpins the success of a whole range of MDGs”.

Listen to the complete radio interview (Radio Australia, 24 Sep 2010).