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11th World Toilet Summit, Haikou, Hainan, China, 22-24 November 2011


Organised by the World Toilet Organization and Government of Hainan Province, the theme of the 2011 World Toilet Summit is “Toilet Civilization: Health, Tourism, and Quality of Life”.

The Summit will be held in conjunction with 2011 World Toilet & Bathroom Equipment Exhibition

Programme highlights:

  • WTO Toilet Design Competition Presentation
  • Launch of International Code Council Guidelines on Public Toilets
  • Launch of World Excellence Public Toilet
  • Presentations on public toilet design and maintenance, toilets and public transport, African school toilets, urban sanitation, sanitation in slums, sanitation as a business, domestic toilets, and waste recycling
  • Launch of the construction of the new World Toilet Museum


Miss Chen, Mr. Liu, World Toilet Summit Committee 2011, 106 office in The Third Office Building, 49 Rd Haifu, Meilan area in Haikou, Code: 570204, China
E-mail: lyw65200685@126.com, tel.: 0898-65200683, 65200685, fax: 66775372

To register and for more information go the Summit web site