Sanitation Updates will no longer be updated after March 16, 2021. It began in 2008 as a collaborative effort between USAID and IRC to contribute to the International Year of Sanitation. Since then, there were more than 1,937,000 visits to the site. Please visit the USAID Globalwaters.org and IRC websites to continue to learn about sanitation issues.

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  1. Sir/Madam

    We Kupvi Herbarium Workers Association have visited Ur site and gone through Ur work profile .the work u people are doing is worth appreciating and encouraging to. We at Kupvi Herbarium workers Association are working in different fields like Health, Agriculture, horticulture , IT Education, Research, Rural development, and AIDS etc and are interested in enlarging our work area and thus we want to associate with your organization. We have very effective & talented team and just concluded some research assignments and organic farming awareness programme under HP forest sector reform project. We also have FCRA certificate.

    So kindly do consider our request and reply as soon as possible so that we can provide u with as much as possible assistance

    Looking forward to work with u.

    Jugal Kishore Thakur
    Kupvi Herbarium workers Association (NGO)
    Regd. under Act XXI, 1860
    Krishna bhawan Nr Auckland House
    School Gate Lakkar Bazaar Shimla
    Himachal Pradesh ( India )
    Phone + 91177-3200130, +91-9882036436

  2. Please kindly provide (if possible) the contact address of Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria.

    Thank you

  3. We are from Shital Sanitary Sales and our product is Eco-pan which could be useful in Eco-logical environmentand sanitation.
    For more details u can visit our website:www.ruralsanitation.com
    or email us:jayesh63in@yahoo.com

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  5. Wish to update rgd a collective initative taken by Government of Bihar WaterAid and UNICEF. Pleaes let me know who to post the news and photo to your website.


  6. Perhaps you would like to look at this:

    Mainly filmed in southern India, and these long-term, sustainable solution, ecosan toilets are empowering women wherever we work. No more being chased by a farmer with a stick!

  7. Thanks for the informations. you are doing a good job. Please kindly provide (if possible) the contact address of Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigerria. and some NGOs involved in sanitation campaign in Nigeria. Thanks.

  8. We are trying to improve the sanitary conditions in the slums of Mumbai.With the help of CBOs working in the slums of Mumbai
    We have constructed 330 toilet blocks and same are operated and maintened by these CBOs.These CBOs has foarmed and registred their federation also. We all need to support these kind of initiatives.

  9. How can I submit an article about saniation to your update service?

  10. Hi all,
    Good job, I appreciate the wonderful job you are doing.We are working in the sanitation field here in Senegal an we are running very important projects in rural and urban areas. We built more than 10000 toilet blocks, waste water and handwashing disposals in rural areas here in Senegal. So we are very interested in exchanging experiences.
    We will apprecite having contacts to any organization interested in the sanitation challenge to meet the MDGs

  11. Umar L. Danhalilu

    Please iam new to this site and iam very glad with your work.
    Please would you helf me with an article or journal written based on irrigation using waste water in katsina metropolise? Becouse Iam conducting my final year project on sanitary quality of the waste water use for irrigation in katsina metropolise. Thank you, i look forward for your response.

  12. WaterAid Australia Publication on Hygiene Promotion
    WaterAid Australia are presently seeking expressions of interest from organisations who would be interested in contributing a short project case study on hygiene promotion for inclusion in this publication. The publication will focus on the South-East Asia and Pacific region and is intended for a target audience of field workers and project managers who can learn from the case studies and project experiences. Case studies may include information about lessons learned, behaviour change techniques and project outcomes.
    If you are interested in writing a case study to highlight your project work, please email the project coordinator, Jan Parry at:

  13. Dear Sanitation Updates:

    I’m the producer of the documentary “The World’s Toilet Crisis” — which airs on Current TV this Wednesday.

    It’s a documentary for all of us who use toilets and take them for granted !

    But let’s not forget the 2.6 billion of us — 40% of the world’s population — who don’t use toilets and defecate anywhere we can — in streets, open fields, river banks and, most dangerously, in the very water we drink. As a result of open defecation, more than 2 million people — including 1.5 million children — die from complications of chronic diarrhea every year.

    There’s no shortage of attention to the water crisis, but to be blunt, the real reason the water’s dirty is because there’s shit in the water.

    So, on this week’s episode of Vanguard, we tackle the toilet crisis. We travel to India, Singapore and Indonesia to understand why people don’t use toilets and what’s being done to solve this silent (but deadly) epidemic.

    Here’s the trailer:

    “The World’s Toilet Crisis” airs on Current TV (http://current.com/vanguard) this Wednesday, June 9 at 10/9c (and at 10 p.m. pst).

    Current TV channels by cable provider:
    Time Warner (103 or 142)
    Comcast (107 or 125)
    Direct TV (358)
    Verizon FiOS (192)
    Dish (196)

    You can also catch it the following day on Hulu — http://hulu.com/vanguard

    Or, download it from iTunes — http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/vanguard/id290804690

    If you watch it, I’d recommend NOT sitting down in front of the tube with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a warm glass of milk. Actually, I’d suggest not eating while watching (period).

    Thank you.

    All the best,
    Lisa Biagiotti

  14. Sweta Patnaik

    This is a very informative site. Thanks for this.

  15. in my area there are schools with no source of power but have the pit latrines. Knowing that this can be used to generate power i am interested in knowing how this is done.

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  17. Anand D.Jagtap

    sanitation in urban is really great challenge.Particularly slums in Mumbai.We need pay attention on this issue can various experts can share their views on making Mumbai open defecation free.

  18. can you please provide me (if possible) the e-mail adress of nigerian environmental health officers, i have some questions

  19. ZAHIDUL ISLAM ,Project manager Hope for the Needy programme(HNP)

    International Development Enterprises (iDE) is an international organization operating vulnerable people helping and relate them. Especially in Bangladesh they are more active and working very remote area where education,sanitation, and other facilities are iDe is improving of Bangladesh remote area people and they are getting power for living in the society as well. in Bangladesh north area they have a good operational activities and they contributing to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats building program on market development for the local partner and structured to ensure private sector engagement on different level. I hope it will be blessing in the whole world . we are really proud of this organization .
    Thank you very much as of iDE and their servicing in Bangladesh.

  20. i personally appreciate your work very much.
    in fact my community in ghana would need it too

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