Climate Change Deepening World Water Crisis

United Nations, 21 March, (IPS): When U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last January, his primary focus was not on the impending global economic recession but on the world’s growing water crisis.

“A shortage of water resources could spell increased conflicts in the future,” he told the annual gathering of business tycoons, academics and leaders from governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations.

“Population growth will make the problem worse. So will climate change. As the global economy grows, so will its thirst. Many more conflicts lie just over the horizon,” he warned.

Anders Berntell, executive director of the Stockholm International Water Institute, says the lack of safe drinking water for over 1.0 billion people worldwide, and the lack of safe sanitation for over 2.5 billion, “is an acute and devastating humanitarian crisis.”

“But this is a crisis of management, not a water crisis per se, because it is caused by a chronic lack of funding and inadequate understanding of the need for sanitation and good hygiene at the local level,” Berntell told IPS.

He said: “This can and must be fixed through improved governance and management, and increased funding, and sustained efforts to achieve the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs),” which include the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger and adequate water and sanitation.

A U.N. study released on the eve of World Water Day Mar. 22 says the lack of safe drinking water is not confined to the world’s poorer nations; it also threatens over 100 million Europeans.

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3 responses to “Climate Change Deepening World Water Crisis

  1. hey, my name is Nathan from Saskatchewan Canada and i am a grade 10 student and i think that the idea of World Water Day is a great idea. The thing that got me interested in this very important cause was the Colbert Report on tv and he mentioned this cause. My science class doing a very large project on recycling and climate change. just by going to this class is making my interest in all of these topics grow ever larger. i was just wondering if someone could give me some ideas on how to help along with this cause or give me some ideas on how to conserve water and do my part to help the enviroment, it would be much apreciated. Thank-you.

  2. Hey Nathan, it’s Tanvi here from India. I’m studying for an engineering major. It’s great that you’re so concerned.

    Try and save water in these ways:
    Close the tap while you brush in the morning.
    Don’t let your daily shower last beyond 5 to 10 minutes.
    Work your washing machine/dishwasher on full load so you need to run them less often.
    Fix leaky taps at the earliest.
    Harvest rain water to water your plants or wash your car.
    Last but not least, create awareness among your friends at school, and the adults in your neighborhood. You can make a difference!!

  3. hi friends
    its high time that we realise importance of conserving water .As Tanvi mentioned about petty things to be kept in mind while accomplishin our daily activities,it is very pertinent to create awareness among our pals
    about need of the hour .Charity begins at home so start today onwards bcoz small things make big difference.

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