WSP – Creating sanitation markets in Peru

Below is a link to a presentation by Malva Rosa Baskovich, Coordinator – Creating Sanitation Markets Initiative, Water and Sanitation Program Latin America.  Webpage of the initiative:

Presentation – WSP – Creating Sanitation Markets (pdf, 2.5MB)


People’s choice depends on:

  • A private family decision that takes into account community perceptions and in which children have a great influence on it.
  • A complementary prior or parallel public investments in water & sewerage networks and / or on-site sanitation systems.
  • Prioritization of sanitation investment as a result of its link with quality housing , through their peers influence.
  • Access to affordable sanitation product that response to their needs and expectations

Scaling up challenges to face:

  • Self-construction and the service quality.
  • The development of financial mechanisms for the poorest that does not put at risk the market development.
  • Articulated information system. All partners should be able to provide right information or to refer people to the adequate provider.
  • Sustainable guarantee and post-sale system. Educational component in use and maintenance and credit cultural is a critical issue

One response to “WSP – Creating sanitation markets in Peru

  1. Dear Malva! very good post!
    Nilton Yanac
    Head Project IMASEN- Global Scaling Up Handwashing/WSP

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