India, Kerala: sanitation programme sponsors social reality TV show

The Suchitwa (Sanitation) Mission is one of the initiators of the first social reality show in India. Called the Green Kerala Express, this daily 30 minute interactive show, starting in February 2010, will focus on sustainable development models developed by the local self-governments. The local government authorities (panchayats) will be evaluated based on their performance in sectors like water and land management, sanitation, environment, health, energy, social security, women’s empowerment, education, agriculture, food security etc.

Green Kerala Express is an initiative of the Kerala branch of Doordarshan Kendra, India’s public television broadcaster, the Kerala Ministry of Local Self Government, the Suchitwa (Sanitation) Mission and the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT).

The invitation to join the competition is open to all panchayats and they can apply with a detailed profoma and also a five minute video on their achievements. A technical jury will evaluate their work by assigning marks based on profoma and video and will shortlist 150 panchayats for the first round. Representatives from the selected panchayats will be invited to present their models in front of the jury and audience. A two-member anchor team will be leading the show. There will be interactive sessions, presentation of counter videos from Panchayaths and questions from jury and audience. One Panchayat will be short listed from each district, along with Municipalities and Corporations. In the final round the show will go into details of activities in various developmental sectors and panchayats will be evaluated and graded according. One panchayat, one Municipality and one Corporation will be selected as final winners.

Each episode will have the following additional features.

1. Every week special awards will be given to a green hero/green idea/green technology/green institutions/given school.
2. Every episode will have a citizen’s report, which will depict unknown facets of Kerala.
3. Every episode will have messages on social awareness.

The basic format will be that of a travelogue and thus it differs from conventional reality shows. Two anchors-male and female-will travel through the breadth and length of the state depicting the green history of the state as its evolves. Episodes will be posted on a web portal.

SMS voting will be included to ensure the participation of viewers.

Source: The Hindu, 07 Dec 2009 ; Green Kerala Express

Watch a Green Kerala Express model video (local language version in Malayalam only)

3 responses to “India, Kerala: sanitation programme sponsors social reality TV show

  1. Dear Sir/s

    I am writing to you from Ernakulam. I am in the process of creating awareness about the future of Water on this planet and Kerala through a concert. WORLD WATER DAY 22 MARCH 2010. The revenues generated from this project I wish to direct towards providing potable water to villages.

    This is the scope of the project. The project is still in the concept stage.

    Thank you


  2. an excellent idea. God bless u. Col SJSingh

    an excellent idea ! God bless u. This will help not only poor but also educate masses.

  3. This is a trully great move. Sanitation is an important matter which still be ignored by many people.

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