Help a local journalist examine the sustainability of a water and sanitation project in Benin

Lake Nokoué, Benin. Photo: Pacôme Tomètissi

Journalist Pacôme Tomètissi wants to revisit the fishing communities of Lake Nokoué in Benin to examine the sustainability of a 5 million euro EU-funded water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) project. You can support his endeavour via the crowdfunding new website Spot.Us at:

In 2010 Pacôme wrote a story about WASH initiatives that were helping to stop pollution of the scenic lake. Poor sanitation was threatening the health and livelihoods of the fishing communities.

The main WASH initiative is the “Citizens together in solidarity for water on Nokoué project”. French NGO Emmaus International launched the project in 2006 in two villages of Sô-Ava district (pop. 76,000). Now the EU is funding the second phase of the community-based project (2011-2015), which aims to provide WASH services to the remaining seven villages. Besides building water and sanitation systems, the project will run a hygiene promotion campaign and train local stakeholders.

If Pacôme can raise enough funds via Spot.Us, he can go to Sô-Ava to report on the sustainability of the Lake Nokoué WASH project.

Spot.Us is a nonprofit platform that fundraises for independent reporting projects. It is part of American Public Media and the Public Insight Network.

Go to and leave a comment, become an editor or fund the story!

You can find a description of the Lake Nokoué project on the Emmaus International web site and in a short video “Nokoué: the Water Companions“.

2 responses to “Help a local journalist examine the sustainability of a water and sanitation project in Benin

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  2. How would a compact, sealed, waterless toilet in every home add value to the work being done in communities ???
    See the website for more information and our contact details.

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