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India, Chennai: public toilets – not enough, hardly used and badly maintained

There are only 714 public toilets in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, for a population of close to 5 million. Despite evident need, there is low usage of toilets by women and children, according to a survey of 49 public toilets in Zone 4 by Transparent Chennai.

Public toilet in Ayanavaram, Foxen Street, Zone 4, Division No:53, used by slum dwellers. There are frequent blocks, infrastructure is broken and the surroundings are dirty. There is no running water and insufficient lighting. People are also found drinking in the premises. Photo: Transparent Chennai

The toilets in the survey were often poorly maintained, locked at night, charged user fees through a process of what appears to be informal privatisation, and were located away from areas of greatest need, such as market areas, bus stops, areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, informal workplaces, and undeveloped slums.

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