Nigeria: DMT Mobile Toilets to produce gas from human waste

DMT Mobile Toilet's motto

DMT Mobile Toilet's motto

DMT Mobile Toilets, has unveiled a programme [to] generate at least 35 per cent gas for domestic use and electricity from human and animal waste for the Lagos mega city project [in 2009]. The mega city project is jointly being promoted by the Federal Government, Lagos and Ogun State governments.

According to the Chairman of DMT Mobile Toilets, Dr. Yemi Ogunbiyi, the biogas plant is designed to process and convert sanitation waste into cooking gas and other gases that could be used to generate electricity at its site on the Lagos-Ibadan Experssway.

[...] The plant, which was developed with technical assistance from DMT‘s foreign partner, Environmental Resource Management Foundation, will commence production in 2009. [R]aw materials for the plant would be sourced from DMT’s mobile toilets, abattoirs and septic tanks.

[T]he plant would power a housing estate near it on an experimental basis.

DMT founder Isaac Durojaiye

Former bodyguard, DMT founder Isaac Durojaiye

[DMT plans to introduce] six new designs [...] within the first quarter of 2009 that will incorporate overhead 300-litre tanks, solar lighting and air freshener dispensers. Plastic will also replace ceramic toilet fittings to prevent breakages and to act as an added safety measure, especially in schools.

[DMT runs a] Basic Toilet for Schools Scheme through which schools [are] offered mobile toilets at special discounts. The company had earlier donated 100 toilets to public schools in Lagos and Ogun states.

DMT stands for Dignified Mobile Toilets.  At the beginning of 2008, DMT founder and Managing Director, Isaac Durojaiye, was one of five Ashoka-Lemelson Fellows, who were recognised for developing innovative sanitation business models.

See a Sept 2008 Reuters video on DMT here.

Source: Akinpelu Dada, The Punch, 22 Dec 2008

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7 responses to “Nigeria: DMT Mobile Toilets to produce gas from human waste

  1. please link me up with DMT on the Biogas production.I am a Microbiologist in that area and also in need to give support.Call me on 07030310299 or
    Odebiyi Olusola

  2. kudos to u for meeting the needs of man. Keep it up! i am interested in the mechanism behind the design. is it adapted for composting? producing compost. it has a great potential for organic fertilizer.

  3. Please I need contact numbers

    • The DMT web site seems to be down, try these contact details:

      KM7, Lagos – Ibadan Expressway, before OPIC Office, after Berger Bus Stop
      Isheri – Olofin, Ogun State, Nigeria
      Phone +234-1-470-3586, +234-1-471-6578

      Issac Durojaiye
      Phone: +234-1-5820962, +234-1-5820068, +234-1-2902924
      Address: LAGOS OFFICE: 105, Ikorodu Road, Fadeyi Bus Stop, Beside OANDO Petrol Station.

  4. This is a commendable effort by you. I am proud to be associated with such an innovative Nigerian like you. Kudos! Please I need to know how much a unit of the mobile toilets cost. I need to purchase some.

  5. Handwash and flush water/sewage gets filtered and recycles itself? Extra sewage/waste water gets filtered into extra drinking water, fertilizer, and fuel/electricity, to power its own system, and provide additional fuel/electriticity? switch to tell it if and how much fertilizer you want to make? Solar power is also good.
    Air freshener system- vacume sucks air in near the floor, filters it, than blows it out from the ceiling? how much electiricy can how much sewage or sludge, provide?

  6. how much do they charge @ dmt

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